Well a new website and now a first blog!  Macclesfield’s Treacle Market has been amazing for our town bringing such variety and interest.  I am very excited to be using the business booth on St Michael’s Church Yard this coming Treacle Market on the 30th September! I am desperately hoping the weather forecast that I have just looked at is going to be proven wrong!! As I hope that lots of local people will come and find out more about Macclesfield Physio Pilates, how they could benefit from it and how they can apply it to their everyday lives.

Pilates can be an exercise class that you attend once a week, but it can be so much more as its principles can be applied to everyday activities. While I walked my son to school today, I was aware of working my core and elongating my body. This makes the act of walking more efficient.  Does anybody find that they tend to catch their feet as they walk? This is less likely when applying the Pilates principles to your walking. As I type this, I am aware of engaging my core and ensuring correct alignment of my body, preventing those aches and pains so common from poor posture whilst using a computer.

Normally on a Monday I would play tennis (but sadly this got cancelled due to the awful weather). Before going to tennis I do exercises working on rotation of my trunk improving both flexibility and control of the movement that is so important in tennis. As someone returning to playing tennis anything that can help to improve technique is very much needed!  As a physiotherapist, I often see patients who have aches and pains as the result of how they hold and use their body in their everyday activities and Pilates is great to address this!  

As well as answering any enquires anyone has, I will be running FREE Standing Posture workshops to show how the Pilates principles can be applied to standing and walking. Also on the day there will be an email Prize draw for a FREE One hour Individual Pilates assessment. There will also be £20 off the Pilates Assessment for those that book on the day and a £10 off voucher for those that want to think about it (or give to their friend) to be used by the end of October 2012.

In the churchyard at Treacle this month, there will be a traditional produce show where gifted gardeners can show their produce, flowers, fruit, vegetables, jams or chutneys! Sounds like it will be very colourful and I’m sure we will be amazed at what some have achieved despite the awful summer we have had! The creative ones can also enter their vegetable animal creation! (I think I will be delegating this to my eight year old son!)

There will also be the astonishing spectacle of Wild Rumpus’ Glorious Levitation Machine!! This sounds like great fun and will have to be tried!! There’s a first for everything! I wonder if one’s posture and core influences how well one levitates??!

I am also looking forward to the sounds of the live music outside the town hall featuring Annie’s Saints and Sinners, Traidem, Anything Acoustic and Cut Down!

As I may be otherwise engaged this Treacle, I will be sending out my lovely husband with orders for lots of the goodies that Treacle Market has to offer! To my son, it would not be Treacle if we did not get some delicious cakes and fresh bread, some soaps, honey and beeswax candles to name but a few! All provided by hard working local independent traders!

Looking forward to seeing many of you there!